With the upcoming release of Disgaea 5 Complete for Nintendo Switch, we’ve compiled our first impressions with the game so far. This being a first impression post, it’ll only reflect our current view with the limited progress we have with it thus far, therefore it shouldn’t be taken as a review however that is coming very soon.

Disgaea 5 Complete for Nintendo Switch is scheduled to release on May 23rd with a digital and physical release in North America.

Gameplay and Performance

Disgaea 5 takes place across multiple Netherworlds, bringing Overlords from each world together to take down the Void Dark, the most powerful Demon Emperor in the Netherworlds as the Leader of the Lost.

Playing on TV-mode seems to be more fluid than on handheld, however, the difference is minimal. Disgaea 5 Complete is mostly based on simple battle animations and 2D illustrations and is very well optimized for Nintendo Switch. Frame rate feels very consistent and I’ve only experienced minimal frame rate drops during the tutorial when creating characters.

The battery life with the game so far is superb especially since I’ve used up about 10% in just 2 hours of playing in handheld with mid-to-high screen brightness, but I’ll have a more accurate diagnostic later on. The controls feel fast at first but luckily they can be adjusted in the settings, and there is always room for improvement with the more time you play with it. Feels pretty precise though this game is more simple in terms of controlling characters than a platform/shooter game.

Dialogue is still as funny and corny as previous Disgaea games, which is not a bad thing! Very similar to prior iterations of the game, including the option to strengthen your characters and they’ve added more things to do such as taking on quests to earn prizes, earn trophies in-game and additional character creations. One thing I do like is that when you are creating characters, you can choose what level to start them with, depending on the highest character level on your team and having money to spend. Something to point out is that your character can reach up to level 9999. Good luck with that.

Not sure if this is more based on the game being called “Disgaea 5 Complete” but a lot of content was readily available from the beginning including being able to add a few unique characters from previous Disgaea games or games related to Nippon Ichi Software, (the developers of the Disgaea series).

Overall the game is colorful, smooth and fun thus far, especially since there aren’t any microtransactions in this copy of the game being that it is the complete version, and taking it on-the-go just makes it feel great and exciting. Stay tuned for our full review of Disgaea 5 Complete very soon!

Disgaea 5 Complete for Nintendo Switch will be available for purchase at local video game retailers and on e-Shop on May 23rd for $59.99, and you can also try out the game now by downloading the demo on Nintendo Switch!