How It Started:

I’ve always been fond of the idea of communicating and engaging with people around the world. When I was younger, their weren’t many people who I could consider as a friend. I was quite shy in the past and it was hard for me to communicate and express my feelings especially to strangers online. We’re raised to always build a wall when we first meet people for we don’t know who we’re meeting or their true intentions. As a kid, I didn’t play too many games. My early memories of gaming had to be playing the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) with my brother and my mom.

Fast forward to 2011, I was introduced to Minecraft, the open world sandbox game that most kids play nowadays. My love for Minecraft grew for it opened a new world of creativity for me, the idea of running free and being able to do whatever you want and having the ability to play with family and friends made it entertaining since I never was able to go to a friends house, for it’s something I wasn’t interested in doing. I usually just stayed home and only left when I went to school.

For those who aren’t familiar with the game, Minecraft allows players to connect with friends in any part of the world through servers, giving people the power to create and manage a community of players within the Minecraft community. In the early days of playing Minecraft, I remember joining different servers and loved the community aspect of it, for it was a mutual interest among different players to play and have fun. The fact that you can talk and work together to create a house or a building of your wildest imagination was amusing to me. I’ve probably made more friends online than actually going outside and meeting people (sad reality but very true).

At first it was strange talking and getting to know people on Skype calls who I never met but I only came to realize they weren’t any different than me, we all came together to have fun.

A couple years later after becoming familiar with the Minecraft community, I decided to branch out by creating my own server thus creating my own community, calling it ChosenCraft (terrible name but I didn’t know better at the time). Becoming in-charge and putting my name out there for people to see was quite scary since no one likes the idea of rejection especially online but, I grew interest in managing my own community based off my own ideas after many years of observing the way different server owners managed their servers. Seeing how they advertised their servers with graphics, creating forum threads for new players to come join and bringing on YouTubers to review the server, I mimicked that and it actually did quite well. It was then when I realized that I grew a love for building communities, it was satisfying to see new and old members come back to enjoy the content I was creating.

Eventually I grew out of the game and worked on different projects and everything I had learned so far, became very useful into community management, and it has only expanded as time goes on.

I have to thank my parents for allowing me to play Minecraft and purchasing my subscription to the game and my cousin Gabriel for introducing me to the world of Minecraft, little did I know this was going to be the beginning of a wild rollercoaster ride.