A New Chapter:

When starting PokéSteal, my main focus was to create a community based off the mobile game PokémonGO which released July of last year. The game grew to create a level of hype to which many say it became a fad of some sort. As a content creator it presented itself as an interesting opportunity to work on something completely different to what I was doing with AmiiboSteal.

I was reluctant in creating a new community and running it simultaneously with AmiiboSteal, but it’s a risk any content creator takes when starting a new project. For my luck, it did great and grew more than I originally expected it to. When the following increased during the initial weeks after the launch of the game, it reminded me why I took the risk in expanding to the Pokémon world.

It helped to grow a community of Pokémon enthusiasts to which I had no connection prior to the creation of PokéSteal. Interacting and keeping up with avid players, featuring their catch of the day and informing them on server updates for which at the time, was a big problem.

Fast forward to now, my content is at a halt due to the game’s progression in updates which defeats the purpose of the community to which I created. As a content creator being constrained to a company that lacks to hear the demand of it’s players, it’s kinda of sad especially to a popular franchise such as Pokémon. Many players have lost interest in the game for it became very repetitive and lacked what the community actually wanted which becomes frustrating. Life has many seasons and we’ve had to close a door and open a new one, hoping for new opportunities with our content to come with the rebranding of Pokésteal now known as Nintendo Mobile News.

Unlike before, Nintendo Mobile News will allow us to expand and focus on all Nintendo related news including Pokémon, which will expand our content as a whole especially with new releases such as the Nintendo Switch and the games that will come along with it in the future. We want to give a big thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far, and we hope you all can stay with us on this new adventure.

We love you all.
Josue Ponce