With the launch of the Nintendo Switch, I was concerned of how durable the system will be during its lifetime especially since it’s a hybrid system that works to be played anywhere you go. Whether that is taking it on train ride or even just playing at home, I wanted to make sure that I had the best accessories that were going to help me maintain its beautiful coating & stunning screen.

When preorders opened for the Nintendo Switch and its accessories, there was a vast variety of options to choose from. I simply wanted something that was built ready for protection and felt premium. Many of the cases and accessories that were available looked bulky, and cheap however at the end of the day, they all do the same thing, which is a place to store your Switch.

After weeks of researching, I came across the Waterfield Designs – CitySlicker for Nintendo Switch. The case is beautifully handcrafted and manufactured in San Francisco, and it comes in a full-grain cowhide leather flap with four different color options to choose from, Black, Grizzly (which is the one we received), Crimson Red and Blue. All four variations have the option of additional attachments which range from $2-20 dollars, such as a leather shoulder strap, however it would’ve been nice to see this become a free add-on rather than a paid option.

The front cowhide leather has two magnetic enclosures which are very easy to open and close, making it very safe for the Nintendo Switch, since you’re not adding any force to close it.

The body of the Nintendo Switch – CitySlicker is made from a ballistic nylon, that makes it durable for a long period of time. What makes this case standout from the ones available in the market, is that it was handcrafted to the needs of the community. Waterfield Designs reached out to the community, and asked what exactly would they want the case to have in regards to features and storage options. The community has spoken, and the Nintendo Switch – CitySlicker was born.

The Waterfield Designs – Nintendo Switch CitySlicker offers storage slots for 5 Nintendo Switch cartridges, and has an opening at the bottom of each slot making it easy to remove them for when you choose to play the selected game of choice. When storing a game on the slots, the cartridges are very secure and don’t move at all, (seriously, it’s hard to get them out).

The interior design of the case offers a soft scratch-free liner with a microfiber panel that helps to clean the screen when inserting the Nintendo Switch into the case. Additionally, it also has two small pockets inside for storage space on accessories such as cables, earbuds or even a cleaning cloth. You really don’t want to put something big that could potentially hurt the system or squeeze anything that doesn’t fit, since the pockets are limited in size. 

The outer-back of the CitySlicker also features a pocket for additional storage for any cables or Joy-Con straps to which you can carry on the go.

A premium case, comes with a premium price and this is no different. The Nintendo Switch CitySlicker is priced at $79, which is a bit expensive for some however, for what it offers and the protection it has, it’s worth the investment especially if you’re constantly carrying it on the go.

You can purchase a Nintendo Switch – CitySlicker now on the official Waterfield Designs website. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a stylish case for their Nintendo Switch system.