During the Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase earlier this month, we found ourselves gasping to all of the future indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch, including the puzzle platformer, Snake Pass. Snake Pass captivated our attention from the moment we saw the trailer, and we instantly thought what an amazing game to take on the go.

Snake Pass has a Nintendo 64-esque feel to it, making it very familiar to old and new players.
Compared to existing platformers, Snake Pass challenges players to think and move like a Snake, with all of it’s characteristics. The story of Snake Pass begins in Haven Tor, where we are introduced to Doodle the Hummingbird in panic to find Noodle the Snake, due to the gates being broken, making the main objective in the game to restore all the Keystones in each respective level. Snake Pass offers 15 levels all divided into 4 different worlds.

Snake Pass offers a limited amount of levels however, players have the option to collect in-game items to keep their inner completionists happy. Players can collect up to 5 Golden Coins, 20-Blue Orbs and 3 Keystones in each level. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Some of these items are easy to find yet tricky to obtain, but the real challenge is to slither your way through the course of each map as a Snake. I found myself having difficulty climbing onto obstacles, and moving across tall buildings because of this, however you can always call your trusty sidekick Doodle for assistance, helping to pick you up for support. After playing a couple of levels, you do start getting familiar with the controls.

Traditional 3D platformers have always introduced a human-like person who has hands and feet, can jump up and grab onto surfaces but Snake Pass does a great job challenging the current ideology of what a platformer is like, seriously.

The visuals and sound selection in Snake Pass, make it immersive from start to finish. The attention to detail and color are vibrant & welcoming including the music, helping to capture the essence and quirkiness of the game. In regards to the quality of the game running on Nintendo Switch, we did experience some frame-rate drops and blurriness on both handheld and docked mode, probably because it wasn’t fully optimized, however it wasn’t terrible to where we didn’t want to stop playing.

Overall, Snake Pass is a great game for the price and we applaud its originality. Snake Pass is available for purchase on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch for $19.99! Download it now on eShop. Sssssssslither away!